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XAXs Corps branding agency featured in Zennie62Media...

XAXs Corps was featured by Zennie62Media....


XAXs Corps Bhubaneswar-branding agency was featured by the International Trade Council in Zennie62Media, a media company based on the United States of America. You can read the full article here….

Snippet from the article:

Bhubaneswar, India – Artificial Intelligence is mainstream now and is getting more intertwined with our lives. Artificial Intelligence or “AI” is not new, not even in everyday life. It is just the attention as what it is now that it has become very capable at a general consumer level. One industry where the use of AI is the most convoluted and controversial is probably the creative industry. Let’s consider Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Process….

XAXs Corps branding agency featured in Zennie62Media...

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The story of our branding agency and founder/creative director Aditya Roy featured in media by Karo Startup….

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