Synchrowork – Branding for SAAS Technology brand case study


SynchroWork is a project and team management software as a service product. It is from a company based in India….


It is targeted at agencies, mainly creative agencies, with multiple clients. The software comes with all the features one would need to run an agency such as tracking projects, tracking the different sub-elements of a project, time, billing invoices and many more. It even has a mobile application for their clients to check progress, invoices and approve stuff from their side. As the name suggests, it synchronises all the works….
So this is what we made are design and branding decisions based on. And the logo, branding went as follows….
SynchroWork SAAS keywords by XAXs

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We always start every branding project with a questionnaire. The next step is creating a mood board based on that. This helps us in further understanding what the client is looking for. Besides that, this also compiles a collection of works we can draw inspiration from….

Synchrowork SAAs tech moodboard by XAXs

Logo Exploration

Logo exploration is the phase where we sketch out and render low fidelity versions of prospective logos. In this stage, the goal is to explore as many viable ideas and directions as possible….

We shortlist ideas and further explore shortlisted routes. After a few iterations and several low fidelity logos, we decide on the idea to develop the final logo on. The benefit of this process is that we get to check as many secondary options as possible without wasting much effort on rejected variations….

Synchrowork saas logo exploration by XAXs
synchrowork saas logo exploration by XAXs

The Logo

The direction we finalised through our logo exploration phase was a pictorial mark focusing on the letter ‘S’ and the act of ‘synch’. So, we designed a monogram of ‘S’. The monogram logo, with the help of negative space, emphasises the act of collaboration between the two sides of the users of the platform and the act of synchronisation….

We further designed vertical, horizontal and favicon lockups. We also modified the chosen typeface DM Sans a little for the wordmark to be more in synch with the pictorial logo mark….

Synchrowork saas logo by XAXs
Synchrowork saas logo grid by XAXs
Synchrowork saas logo responsive by XAXs
Synchrowork saas logo variations by XAXs
Synchrowork SAAS logo animation

Brand Palette

The brand palette primarily consists of four components- Soft Skin, Synch Purple, Work Pink and Hard Blue….

The combination of these four colours, especially in the form of gradients, give a vibe of corporate fun. The corporate vibe attracts the clients’ side of the userbase. While the fun vibe attracts the creative agency side of the userbase….

Synchrowork saas brand palette by XAXs


The typeface chosen for the brand is DM Sans. Being a sans serif typeface makes it a good choice for a tech brand. With a low-contrast geometric design, it is intended for use at smaller text sizes. This property makes it very handy for a good UI….

DM Sans typeface by XAXs

Examples of Usage

Since SynchroWork is a saas product startup, some possible usage of its logo can be in the form of wall signage, the application favicon, wall branding etc. Hence, we wanted to try out how the logo might look under these uses through mockups. And we were pretty satisfied with the outcomes….

Synchrowork saas logo favicon by XAXs
Synchrowork saas branding by XAXs

Social Media

Social Media is the number one place for marketing a brand and building a community around it. For it, the team extended the clean and simple look of the saas platform’s UI. An ample advantage has been taken off the set brand palette and typography….

Synchrowork saas social media

The Brand Guide

Our branding projects always come with a brand guide. A brand guide includes all the information and instructions for using and printing the brand identity system and packaging designs. This gives the client a manual to make minor changes or copies without our extensive help. This helps them maximize the potential of our designs….

Synchrowork saas brand guide by XAXs
Agency:                                      XAXs Corps Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director/ Designer:    Aditya Roy [ Xandrieth Xs]
Logo Animator:                         Suranjan Maiti
Logo Animation [Agency]:       Vivid Mynd

Do you like what you see? Contact us to get your branding or rebranding done….


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Were they Happy?

“We enjoyed working together to create something so professional, beautiful and seamlessly scalable. Great job. Thanks for it.”

Dilip Mohapatra,
CEO & Founder, Cognitive View & Nexright

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