DreamKraft Entertainment – Logo and Branding for Event Management brand case study


DreamKraft is a marketing entertainment and communication company based in Bihar and Bhubaneswar, India. It started as an event management company in Bihar, 2018. Since then DreamKraft has been breaking new grounds and its presence is expanding to pan-India….

It is a multi-ventured company offering an expert solution in the field of celebrity management, public relations, production and event management. Fueled by a strong DIY ethic, DreamKraft sees itself as a catalyst in this creative process by empowering artists by providing them with the required resources….


Logo design focused on entertainment. It has to be scalable enough to be used in various posters and banners with various backgrounds and spaces preferably in monochrome or in a form that can be transformed into a monochrome logo if needs be….

Target demographics:

colleges, artists, college students…

DreamKraft event management keywords by XAXs

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We always start every branding project with a questionnaire. The next step is creating a mood board based on that. This helps us in further understanding what the client is looking for. Besides that, this also compiles a collection of works we can draw inspiration from….

DreamKraft event management branding by XAXs

The Logo Exploration

Logo exploration is the phase where we sketch out and render low fidelity versions of prospective logos. In this stage, the goal is to explore as many viable ideas and directions as possible….

We shortlist ideas and further explore shortlisted routes. After a few iterations and several low fidelity logos, we decide on the idea to develop the final logo on. The benefit of this process is that we get to check as many secondary options as possible without wasting much effort on rejected variations….

DreamKraft event management logo exploration by XAXs
DreamKraft event management logo exploration by XAXs

The Logo

For the logo, we focused on a simple geometric pictorial mark. We created a vivid and exciting monogram of ‘D’ and ‘K’ from ‘Dream’ and ‘Kraft’. The D is made of a red semi-circle while the K is made of two blue quarter-circles. And the semi-circle and two quarter-circles together from one complete circle….

The vibrant geometric logo brings in the excitement and enthusiasm we seek in events. It represents an experience that makes you feel whole….

We chose the sans-serif typeface family Gil-roy for the wordmark. We made this choice based on the geometric properties of the typeface. To make the wordmark more in tune with the pictorial logo mark, we made a D and a K from scratch our of circles. We like to go a little extra mile for the perfection our clients deserve….

DreamKraft event management logo by XAXs
DreamKraft event management logo by XAXs
DreamKraft logo comparison by XAXs
DreamKraft event management logo by XAXs
DreamKraft event management logo by XAXs
DreamKraft event management logo variations by XAXs

The Brand Palette

The primary brand palette is a vibrant palette of happy and energetic colours that look fun….

The colours Fun Blue, Kraft Purple, Dream Red and Happy Yellow are bright and vivid. They give off an enthusiastic vibe of an engaging event. The combination of these three colours will cover the primary elements with one of them taking precedence. Which of these colours takes precedence depends on the type of offering the creative is representing….

DreamKraft event management brand palette by XAXs

The Brand Pattern

We love to design patterns for our client brands because they are very versatile in terms of usage. In the case of DreamKraft Entertainment, we kept the intention of developing a brand pattern right from the beginning of the branding project. This influenced our decisions while finalising the logo. In fact, this is one of the key reasons behind us going for a geometric route….

The pattern is made out of a combination of circles, semi-circles and quarter-circles. It is playful, vibrant and exciting. Excitement is a key vibe for the brand and its offerings….

DreamKraft event management brand pattern by XAXs

Examples of Usage

DreamKraft is an event management company. Hence, one of the key places the logo is going to be used on is billboards. And we wanted to check and make sure that the logo and the pattern look great on billboards. And like to believe that they do….

DreamKraft event management billboard by XAXs

The Social Media Branding

Social Media is the go-to place today for marketing a brand and building a community around it. Since DreamKraft is an event management company, in a way, they live on social media. We did the banners for their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles. You’ll notice the ample use of the brand pattern and the brand colour palette in the designs….

DreamKraft Entertainment Social Media branding by XAXs

The Brand Guide

Our branding projects always come with a brand guide. A brand guide includes all the information and instructions for using and printing the brand identity system and packaging designs. This gives the client a manual to make minor changes or copies without our extensive help. This helps them maximize the potential of our designs….

DreamKraft event management brand guide by XAXs
Agency:                                      XAXs Corps Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director/ Designer:    Aditya Roy [ Xandrieth Xs]

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“We enjoyed working together to create something so professional, beautiful and seamlessly scalable. Great job. Thanks for it.”

Dilip Mohapatra,
CEO & Founder, Cognitive View & Nexright

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