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Bhubaneswar based branding agency on DesignRush....

XAXs Corps now on DesignRush....


Besides including our branding project for Dream Kraft Entertainment in their top 20 monthly Spotlight list, Design Rush also prepared an Agency Page for us on their site. Besides our basic details, the Agency page also includes three of our latest case studies. You can find us on DesignRush now on our XAXs Corps Agency¬† Page….

Bhubaneswar based branding agency on DesignRush....

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Our brand identity design for Dream Kraft was featured by Design Rush as one of the best business logo designs for April 2023

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Our beautiful custom designer typefaces for branding are up for your grab. Download the fonts and font families and use them in your projects…!

Our custom editable mockup for showcasing your designs in real-life scenarios. We designed mockups we couldn’t find online so that you don’t have to….

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Check out our series of custom DIY branding and graphic design resources to solve your project requirements….