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Bhubaneswar branding agency featured in World Brand Design Society for brand identity and packaging design....

Bhubaneswar-based branding agency featured by World Brand Design Society....


Our logo, branding and packaging design for D3 Cafe & Restro was featured by the World Brand Design Society, a prestigious international organization. Our project was featured by them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. So far, the project has received over 100 positive reviews with over 80% being Excellent among their 3 tire system….

Bhubaneswar based branding agency featured by World Brand Design Society
Positive review for XAXs Corps on World Brand Design society....

Logo, Branding and Packaging Case Study

Segment: Open garden restro cafe

Elements Designed:
Logo, Logo lockup variations, Brand typography, Brand colour palette, Signboard, Business cards, Letterhead, Legal envelope, Half letter envelope, Stickers, Carry bags, Invoice, Heat stamps, Invitation cards, ID cards, Tees, Cap, Chef hat, Aprons, Menus

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