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real estate logo branding and social media by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar

Arora Builders and Construction

Logo, Branding and Social Media Case Study

Arora Builders & Construction deals in the sale & purchase of flat/floor, house and construction of any kind of property in Uttam Nagar, West Delhi, India….

Arora came to us with a goal. They had a make-do logo that they started with but lacked any proper branding. They had a goal of establishing an online social presence and attracting the right audience to in turn boost their sales. They didn’t exactly have a brief but with the goals, we didn’t need one….

Client: Arora Builders & Construction

Location: Uttam Nagar, Delhi, India

Segment: Real Estate

Target Audience:
Young adults and Small families trying to own a flat in Delhi

Trust, Professional, Extravagance, Standard, Royalty, Real Estate

Elements Designed:
Logo, Visual Identity / Brand Identity, Brand Palette, Brand Guide, Brand Elements, Social Media, Facebook Ads

10,000 subscribers on YouTube within 3 months

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The Logo

Arora Builders have been in this business from a time before social media when branding wasn’t given much importance. They didn’t have a consistent logo and the one they were using the most was disproportionate, generic and made using stock elements. It didn’t even have a vector version and we needed to fix that….

We needed to design something that evokes the sense of luxury but the kind that feels affordable. We went for a simplified elegant look with subtle hints at real estate. The result is a wordmark with a key and a house integrated into it….

real estate logo exploration by XAXs Corps arora builders uttam nagar
Real estate logo grid by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar
real estate logo rebranding design by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar
arora builders uttam nagar logo design

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The Brand Palette

The brand palette we developed comprises primarily of two colours- gold and blue. The combination of gold and blue gives a sense of elegance that one expects their homes to evoke. To be more precise, Arora Gold adds the values of luxury, standard, extravagance and the sense of being premium. On the other hand, Arora Blue adds the value of importance, authority, trust and royalty….

arora builders uttam nagar

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The Brand Typography

The typeface chosen for display and headlines was Big Shoulders Inline Display. The typeface chosen for text bodies was Big Shoulders Text….

Big Shoulders is a superfamily of condensed American Gothic typefaces. It’s a tall sans-serif typeface that matches the Arora brand language….

Big Shoulders Inline formalizes a typographic vernacular for celebration taking its hypnotic inline design from traditions routing back to the 1980s…..

big shoulders inline display typeface
big shoulders text typeface

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Social Media branding

An important part of branding is consistency across platforms. The one in focus for Arora was YouTube. Besides setting up the YouTube page, we also set up a consistent Facebook and Instagram page to add a further voice of confidence….

arora builders uttam nagar

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The Posts Design

We divided the posts into 3 types, brand awareness posts, thematic/occasional posts and advertisement posts. The brand awareness posts are posts of a 1:1 aspect ratio covering the offerings of the Arora Builders and the properties under them. They are designed to redirect the audience towards particular YouTube videos with further details….

The thematic or occasional posts are designed to be sharable. They are focused on certain occasions or festivals to build an organic connection with the audience. These are designed in a 4:5 aspect ratio to capture maximum screen real estate….

real estate brand social media posts design by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar
arora builders uttam nagar

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To maximize and speed up growth, we trimmed out essential portions of their detailed and much longer YouTube videos and sponsored them. We ran them as sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram to drive external traffic to their YouTube page. This boosted the organic growth in YouTube multiple times leading to achieving set goals….


When Arora Builders came to us, they already had many videos live on YouTube but very little engagement. We updated all the thumbnails turning them in tune with the rest of the brand language. We further maximized the efficiency of all the tools YouTube provides in YouTube Studio which they haven’t been using. This gave a huge boost to the organic reach and hence the growth in engagement and subscriber base….

real estate brand youtube thumbnails design by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar
arora builders uttam nagar

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Carousels are great content that you can use for Instagram, Linked In and some other platforms. Carousels are great for driving engagement because they are slides based. An audience can’t consume all of it without sliding through it. And at the end, you can add a call to action on the final slide. In the case of Arora, the slides were photos of the real estate they are selling and the CTA, a push towards calling to book it. 9 photos of a building are more convincing than 1 after all….

instagram carousels design by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar

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Instagram reels have taken the place of TikTok in the countries which banned it and beyond. These are great depending on what your brand is about because of the ease of production and organic reach. And real estate is one of those fields, for which Reels can do wonders for.

Instagram reels design for real estate brand by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar

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Stories or Statuses, depending on the platform you are talking about, are the safest place to push. The audience is already consuming your content they care about in other forms. So, you can straight up push sales in these without hurting engagement….

arora builders uttam nagar

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The Results

We hit the goal of 10k YouTube subscribers in 3 months. This gave them a small passive income. More importantly, this gave the authority, social presence and boost in sales they were looking for. All-in-all this was a success….

10k youtube subscribers for real estate brand by xaxs corps arora builders uttam nagar

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