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Brand designer Xandrieth Xs published as ITC Featured Member....

Aditya Roy published as International Trade Council Featured Member....


Our founder and creative director, Aditya Roy, was published by ITC on their website and social media as a Featured Member…. You can read the full article here….

Brand designer Xandrieth Xs published as ITC Featured Member....

Snippet from the article:

Aditya Roy is the Founder and Director of XAXs Corps, a branding agency specializing in brand identity and brand strategy design. From a young age, Aditya possessed a creative and curious nature, enjoying problem-solving and aspiring to lead a creative life. However, growing up in a small town with limited internet access, he was unaware of the creative professions as a viable career path. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in engineering but soon realized the opportunities for professional creativity that university provided.

Embracing these opportunities, Aditya prioritized his creative endeavors over templated engineering academics. During this time, he represented his state of Odisha at the national level in the World Skills Competitions for Graphic Design Technology, an experience that instilled in him the confidence to pursue a career in design and branding.

Although Aditya’s design and strategy skills are self-taught, they have been instrumental in his career success. With each project, he strives to add something new, constantly learning and growing as a professional.

Among Aditya’s professional accomplishments, he takes great pride in representing his state in the national-level World Skills Competitions in 2018 for Graphic Design Technology. This recognition showcases his talent and dedication to his craft.

Throughout the years, the branding industry has witnessed significant evolution. Aditya has observed the emergence of platforms like Canva and Adobe Express, targeting non-professionals and making design more accessible. Additionally, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced new possibilities and challenges to the industry.

Despite concerns that AI may replace jobs, Aditya believes that the industry is growing and becoming increasingly important. Looking ahead, he envisions a future where AI makes the industry even more accessible, while designs integrated with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) become more mainstream.

Excited about new technologies and trends, Aditya finds particular interest in blockchain technology for ownership and AI assistance in handling mundane tasks. These innovations have the potential to streamline processes and enhance efficiency within the industry.

To aspiring professionals starting in the industry, Aditya emphasizes the importance of continuous creation, learning from mistakes, and seeking ways to improve. He encourages individuals to embrace a growth mindset and not be afraid to make mistakes along the way.

When faced with setbacks and challenges, Aditya adopts a third-person perspective, allowing him to objectively analyze what went wrong and develop strategies to avoid similar issues in the future. This approach enables him to learn from setbacks and maintain a forward-thinking mindset.

Aditya draws inspiration from industry figures such as Chris Do and Paul Rand, who have made significant contributions to the field of design and branding.

Outside of his professional life, Aditya indulges in photography, cinematography, and philosophy. He is also a self-published author, further nurturing his creative spirit and expanding his perspectives.

With his creative talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to continuous growth, Aditya Roy contributes to the field of branding and international trade through his innovative approach and dedication to delivering impactful brand experiences.

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