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The Importance of Good Branding …. X.A.Xs Article #01


We notice large corporations spending millions in brand identity and rebranding and sometimes you might wonder why? Why spend so much on something that might not even exist physically? Why spend so much on something that one can’t even cash out directly?

Well, a part of the answer is in the question itself. Indeed, you cannot cash out brand identity systems directly but a good brand identity system can have an immensely positive effect on your cash flow indirectly while a bad branding can affect negatively…. To explain that, let’s start with the definition of Branding….


By definition, brand identity generally referred to as branding, is the combination of all the elements a company or brand creates and uses to portray the right image to its audience and customers besides differentiating itself from the other brands….

Let’s take a deeper look at this…. A brand identity system starts with a logo. A logo is the face of your brand and the first thing that your audience comes into contact with unless you have a celebrity C-suite or ambassador. And we all know how important first impressions are. A person will decide whether to take further interest in your brand based on his/her impression of your logo. Hence your logo acts as the first step of your funnel of getting customers and you may or may not attract new customers based on how good the first step of your funnel is….

Importance of Branding

Your brand identity system is not limited to your logo and its impact is not limited to attracting a new audience or customer. Good branding can make your brand appear much bigger than it is. It can make your products and services feel more premium than they are….

For example, when you look at a Mac by Apple or Surface by Microsoft, you immediately assume it to be a premium product even before knowing its specifications. That’s the power of good branding…. The assets or even the cash flow you have is not a brand. A brand is what your company is conceived as by the world….

People are ready to pay more for the same product or service if they like the branding associated with it. If you doubt it, let’s check a few rebranding projects that completely uplifted the brands….

XAXs Web mockup sketch book


Airbnb launched the rebranded brand identity on 16th July 2014. Besides helping the brand to distance themselves from past reputation hazards by changing their tone, they compensated EJ for damages done to her property, won the $ 2,400 court case and launched an offer of $ 1 million to their hosts. With the help of DesignStudio, they rebranded their brand identity to a more passionate and feel of belonging appeal along with launching the “Welcome Home” campaign. This refreshed start helped the brand to grow significantly in the last few years to an estimated worth of over $ 30 million….

XAXs blog AirBnB logo comparision


Dunkin Donuts rebranded themselves as just Dunkin without changing their typeface or colour palette on September 2018 and made this effective officially from January 2019 onwards. This change allows them to embrace all their products beyond just doughnuts. Although they started with doughnuts and it’s their most popular product, you wouldn’t expect great coffee or burgers from “Dunkin Donuts”. While on the other hand, you wouldn’t be surprised if “Dunkin” offered them to you besides the doughnuts you love. This is also in tune with their goal of becoming a beverage-first on-the-go brand. This seemingly tiny change in their brand identity design will help them to get out of the vulnerability they were facing with doughnuts slowly going out of trend without losing the loyal fans along with gaining new customers….

XAXs blog Dunkin Donuts logo comparison old vs new

Your Brand

Your brand identity is what lets your brand Stand Above the Crowd of all your competitions even before anyone gets access to your products or services. And if you want your brand to be perceived in a fitting light and attract the right customers in more numbers, you need to have your brand identity design done right and we can help you with that….!

Contact us to get your Brand Identity Design done right….!

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