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NexCyb is a technology startup based on Bhubaneswar, India. NexCyb is building the next generation of luxury lifestyle products. I being part of the founding team s the one handling branding and design side of the company. Being the face of the next of technology, we needed a branding that reflects it. We needed a minimal futuristic look that is techy and clean….

NexCyb brand attributes keywords
NexCyb brand attributes keywords


While designing a logo we always keep scalability and utility in mind. Clean and minimal being the direction we decide to take, next was originality and concept. We decided to turn the N-C abbreviation into a monogram and add subtle meanings like wifi/network, power, binary data, and analog data symbolisms in it to make it more impressive, unique and ownable. We also designed the wordmark from scratch to complete the combination mark. Just like all our other branding projects, we made the logo responsive….

NexCyb branding mobile logo grid
NexCyb logo grid

Colour Palette

Being a partner, we wanted to extend our colour palette and it worked perfectly. While our blue gives the techy, cool, friendly and smart vibe to it, the grey adds neutrality and solid seriousness to complete the visual brand language. We wanted to make sure that the connection between NexCyb and X.A.Xs Corps is recognizable and collaborations seamless through this colour palette….


The right typography is very important to carry forward the brand language. We decided to go the extra step by designing a custom typeface. It’s a multipurpose futuristic monotone monospace sans-serif typeface. It comes with 4 font styles- Dots, Thin, Regular, and Bold….


User Interface and User Experience is a very important part of any application based product. We developed a set of icons for usage across multiple utilities and state a design language for the upcoming sets to follow. We further expanded the design language to monotone UI Elements and components in flat minimal materialistic design style….

NexCyb minimal monotone icon set
NexCyb minimal monotone icon set
NexCyb minimal monotone icon set
NexCyb minimal monotone UI Element

After designing the icon sets and components, next, we designed the screens and User Interface for their smart home application NexPanel. Keeping the visual identity and brand language intact, the UI was a success….

NexCyb UI design lights
NexCyb UI design fan
NexCyb UI design AC
NexCyb UI design plugs
NexCyb UI design food
NexCyb UI design alarm

Corporate Identity

Any branding project s incomplete without business cards. Although they have lost their utilitarian important part in the digital era, they are an important part of the brand identity. Just like the rest of it, we carried forward our clean minimal brand language….

NexCyb logo mockup


They were more than overwhelmed with the results and responded to them with gratitude. Getting a branding done by us giving them the professional and attractive outlook and expand the reach of their tournament while increasing the possibility of organising bigger ones in the future by many folds….

PMCL response 01 testimonial

Do you like what you see? Contact us to get your branding or rebranding done….


Download NexType typeface

Were they Happy?

“We enjoyed working together to create something so professional, beautiful and seamlessly scalable. Great job. Thanks for it.”

Dilip Mohapatra,
CEO & Founder, Cognitive View & Nexright

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