36 Minimal posters to remember 2019 ….  X.A.Xs Article #02 


It has been just one month since we have bid farewell to 2019. Let’s take a little time to look back to last year. We present you 36 crucial moments, good or bad, that we think defined 2019…. Have fun….



XAXs 2019

The year begins….


January 3rd

Thank you everyone for your support. We crossed 1,600 followers on Facebook….


XAXs Meghalaya 2019 minimal poster

January 9th

15 miners stuck inside a flooded illegal mine for 27 days already and no media coverage and government effort from outside Meghalaya….


The ‘Y’ is extended down with 15 at the lower edge of it to represent the deep underground tunnel and 15 people stuck in it.



XAXs Valentine 2019 minimal heart poster

February 15th

A happy valentine’s day to all out there including the unrequited ones, you deserve happiness too….


A half heart as consolation for the heartbroken lovers..



XAXs Abhinandan 2019 minimal portrait poster

March 3rd

“I am not supposed to tell you this”….
A tribute to the true hero, IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman….


A minimal portrait of the hero in the colours of Indian flag: Blue, Green, Saffron and green….


XAXs Women's day 2019 minimal poster

March 8th: Women’s Day

A happy World Women’s to everyone who has a XX chromosome….


The XX chromosomes that represent females are represented by highlighting the two ‘X’s in “X.A.Xs Corps” with pink which is considered to be a feminine colour….


XAXs 30 years of www 2019 minimal poster

March 12th: 30 Years of WWW

To internet, the pioneer of modern technology….


The ‘0’ of ’30’ is replaced by a globe that represents the worldwide connectivity and is of a style that is widely used by browsers to represent internet connection….


XAXs Atheist day 2019 minimal poster

March 23rd: Atheists Day

To first International Atheists Day….


The green circle has been chosen as the symbol of international atheism as it represents ‘0’ and the world and godlessness….

Get more information at Atheist Republic….



XAXs Live 2019 minimal poster

April 6th: Website launch

We launched our website….



XAXs World No Tobacco day 2019 minimal poster

May 31st: World No Tobacco Day

Say ‘NO’ to Tobacco and prevent a time-clock being put on the life of you and people around….


The ‘O’ is turned into a burning cigarette around the world representing time ticking by end an inevitable dead end or death that follows the habit of smoking….



XAXs Pride Month June minimal poster

June: Pride Month

Be proud of who you are and have a happy Pride Month….


The pride month is represented by the LGBTQ Rainbow flag….


XAXs Bicycle day 2019 minimal poster

June 3rd: Bicycle Day

Save time, effort, and pollution with the paddles…. Have a happy World Bicycle day….


World Bicycle day. The ‘y’ in ‘Bicycle’ is placed in a way that ‘cyc’ forms a minimal bicycle together….


XAXs Yuvi 2019 minimal poster

June 11th: Yuvi retires

Thank you Yuvraj Singh for your contribution to Indian cricket and those centuries. That 6 sixes in 6 balls shall never be forgotten….


Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, popularly known as Yuvi, retires from international cricket. The counter of ‘U’ is used to represent a cricket bat while ‘VI’ used as the Roman number 6 to tribute his famous 6 sixes on 6 balls in Twenty-twenty international cricket….


XAXs Doc attack minimal poster

June 13th: Doctors’ strike in West Bengal

Is this how you treat the professionals who heal you….? Fractured skull, burning hostels, destroying hospitals, beating up doctors, staff and even students….?
On top of that the state stands against the doctors on their protest for fair treatment….?
And a considerable portion of the population are politicising the situation instead of offering actual help….?
You don’t need to be a medico to stand by the people you desperately depend on….
Dear, doctors, we stand with you….


Sever assault on doctor Paribaha Mukhopadhyay and Yash Tekwani resulting in the fractured skull of Dr Paribaha followed by riots by 200 goons lead to a massive strike by doctors all over West Bengal. The fractured skull is represented using an illustration of a human skull where the fracture forms counter of ‘D’ in Dr….


XAXs Bihar deaths 2019 minimal poster

June 26th: Childrens’ death toll in Bihar rises

Ministers were busy with cricket score while 117 children had already fallen in Bihar….


A cricket score board with runs representing saves and wickets representing death toll….


XAXs Chennai draught 2019 minimal poster

June 29th: Chennai draught

Worldcup might be important, but not as important as your basic amenities of survival. Chennai today, others tomorrow if not addressed with proper plan and action….


Chennai, India faces the hardest drought till date. This is represented by using a dried up broken soil as a texture for the copy….



XAXs Rohit Sharma 2019 minimal poster

July 7th: Rohit Sharma get glory

Congratulations on being the first person to score 5 centuries in the same ICC Cricket World CupRohit Sharma…. It’s soothing to see Indian cricket in good hands….


Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma scores the fifth century in One Day Cricket World Cup, 2019 and becomes the first one to do so. This is represented Putting ‘100’ and ‘500’ in ‘ROOHIT’….


XAXs Hima Das 2019 minimal portrait poster

July 23rd: Hima Das earns glory

Congratulations Hima Das for the consecutive victories at international athletic events and adidas endorsement. You are making India proud…. Keep ‘Das’hing through the tracks….


Her face is in the colours of the Indian flag. Also ‘Das’ has been manipulated into ‘Dash’ for speed while the ‘Adidas’ logo replacing ‘A’ for representing her deal with them….


XAXs Chandrayaan 2 2019 minimal psoter

July 24th: Chandyaan 2 get’s a successful launch

Congratulations ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation for successfull launch of Chandrayaan 2….


The two ‘A’ in Chandryaan are used to represent the two rockets Chandrayaan 1 and 2 with their silhouettes acting as counters of the ‘A’s respectively….



XAXs Amazon burning 2019 minimal poster

August 22nd: Amazon burning

Can you live without your lungs….?
Neither can our planet….!
Even astronauts from space could see this but the authorities took quite some time to take actions….!
We had to spread more awareness….!


To represent the Amazon forest burning, the word ‘Amazon’ is put on fire with the burnt off parts of the word expressed in smoke to represent the fact that smoke coming out from burning Amazon was visible from space….



XAXs daughter 2019 minimal poster

September 22nd: Daughters’ Day

Sadly, a good portion of people in a good portion of the world is obsessed with getting sons to carry forward their family legacy that they treat their daughters as inferior. But they fail to realize that there won’t any son or daughter without daughters….!


The counter of ‘D’ is used to represent a womb to enforce the relationship between motherhood, womanhood and daughterhood. Further, the ‘t’ is used to represent women/ girls by converting it into the biological symbol for the female….


XAXs greta 2019 minimal poster

September 28th: Greta

The “Make America Great Again” campaigns has a lot of negative vibes and consequences to them…. In Greta Thunberg‘s voice, ” “How dare you” do that to your country and the world at large….?!”
Thanks kiddo bring so much noise towards the battle against climate change and the negligence around it….!


It’s a parody of MAGA using the same typeface, ie, Times New Roman and the same number of words…



XAXs gandhi 2019 minimal poster

October 2nd: Gandhi Jayanti

From Dandi March to Indian Freedom Movement… Thank you giving common Indians the hope they needed….!


The most popular movement of Gandhi in India is the ‘Dandi’ march. This is represented by highlighting the letters of ‘Dandi’. Moreover, ‘I’ forms part of his famous stick….


XAXs Mary Kom 2019 minimal poster

October 13th: Mary Kom earns glory

Congratulations Mary Kom for winning the Boxing World Championship for the 8th time and becoming one of the most successful boxer…. India is proud of you….


The counter in ‘O’ is used to present a boxing glove while the circular part of ‘a’ and ‘o’ together form ‘8’….


XAXs economics nobel 2019 minimal poster

October 14th: Economics Nobel Prize

Congratulations #AbhijitBanerjee, India is very proud of you. We would love to see some of your research being implemented here….!


Indian origin economist Abhijeet Bannerjee and his wife share the Nobel prize for the economy. So the ‘O’ in Nobel is replaced by a Rupee coin while ‘R’ is replaced by his iconic pair of spectacles….


XAXs Dada BCCI minimal poster

October 15th: Dada becomes BCCI President

Congratulations Dada, for being selected as the President of BCCI…. This will go down in history as one of the best comebacks….!


Sourav Ganguly is popularly known as ‘Dada’. So the counters in ‘D’, ‘A’, ‘D’ and ‘A’ are used to represent ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘C’, ‘I’ respectively….


XAXs eminem rapper 2019 minimal poster

October 17th: Eminem’s birthday

To the man who puts ‘E’ in ‘Rapper’…. Happy birthday Marshall, the one true god….!


Marshall Bruce Mathers popularly known by his stage name Eminem used horizontally inverted ‘E’ at a clockwise 45-degree angle as his signature symbol and a greater portion of hip-hop fans consider him to be the best rapper of all times….



XAXs delhi smog 2019 minimal poster

November 1st week: Delhi smog

This wa probably the least minimal artwork we designed last year, but it was really difficult to see what we were doing with all the smog around. The situation did improve in Delhi and we hope everyone gets more sincere at managing pollution by taking it more seriously….!


Silhouette of sky-scrapers form the word “Delhi” where the rest of the city is invisible due to smog….


XAXs child 2019 minimal poster

November 14th: Children’s day

A child is a lot more than what one appears to be….

Let them have a happy Childrens’ Day and even more a happy childhood….!


Used negative space to put ‘H’ and ‘L’ in-between ‘C’ and ‘I’ and ‘I’ and ‘D’ respectively. Further ‘C’ and counters of ‘H’ together form a smiley while ‘L’ and ‘D’ together form a smile with the tongue out….


XAXs men 2019 minimal poster

November 19th: Men’s day

Let us celebrate some positive masculinity….
This is for the men out there, a happy International Men’s day….!


Replaced the ‘O’ of Corps in our logo with a geometric circle and turned it into the biological symbol for the male to represent men….


XAXs Vinesh phogat 2019 minimal poster

November 20th: Vinesh Phogat for Olympics

Congratulations Vinesh Phogat for qualifying for Tokyo Olympics 2020. All the best for upcoming wrestling matches….


The red circle of Japan’s flag after adding the circular mark for Tokyo Olympics 2020 is used to replace the ‘O’ in Phogat….


XAXs Tesla cyber truck 2019 minimal poster

November 24th: Tesla Cyber Truck

Tesla pretty much-redefined automobile design with the launch of it’s Cyber Truck…. You may like it, may not but definitely cannot ignore it….!


Tesla launches their first pick-up truck under the rightful name of Cybertruck. They didn’t just innovate the sector, they also shattered its design conventions. Conveniently, a minimal silhouette of its body beautifully fits in the Tesla logo’s icon mark….



XAXs soil 2019 minimal poster

December 5th: World Soil day

We, humans, are almost entirely dependent on soil. Our entire civilisation exists over soil and we can’t ignore it. Not just today but every day of every year…. In the meantime, enjoy World Soil Day….


The ‘O’ of ‘Soil’ is replaced by a globe to represent the earth while the copy is expressed in soil texture….


XAXs onion bill 2019 minimal

December 6th: Onion inflation

Americans may be proud of their dollar while the European might be proud of their pound, but have they checked our Indian onion….?


Onion prices skyrocketed in India to even over 200/- per kilo in some places due to inflation while the farmers had sold their produce at less than 10/- per kilo. This is represented and parodied by putting forward the concept of an Onion currency whose valuation depends on the price of onions the same way as US dollar depends on oil….


XAXs international tea day 2019 minimal poster

December 15th: International Tea day

It’s International Tea Day they say…. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but we Indians can’t ignore it for better or worse….


Current Indian president Narendra Modi has a popular story of starting as a chai wala. This and India being one an important exporter of tea is represented by the Teabag with teas in the shape of Indian map. The colour dark orange has been chosen to represent the saffron colour of the current ruling political party….

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