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How to Get 10k Subscribers on YouTube for your brand within 3 months


Welcome to our website. I am Aditya Roy, the founder and creative director of XAXs Corps. In this article, we will discuss how we managed to get 10,000 subscribers on our client’s youtube channel and the strategies or tricks that you can also follow to get 10,000 subscribers on your channel for your brand….

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The things you will need to get 10k subscribers in 3 months are listed in this blog. There are mainly 7 points that you must follow to grow your brand and they are:

  1. Branding

  2. Social media set up

  3. Youtube studio setup

  4. Youtube posts

  5. Other social media

  6. Sponsored posts

  7. Consistency


Branding is very important because branding is how you connect with the right audience for your brand. You need the right audience for a brand and for that, you need to understand the audience you are looking for, the customer you are trying to attract and have a branding that suits that purpose….

Branding has 4 major elements:

  • Logo

  • Brand palette

  • Typography

  • Brand identity system


A logo works as an identification for your brand, distinguishes it from your competitors and attracts your audience. It must be professional, scalable, and connect with the audience you are targeting…. 

For example: 

We are talking about the client Arora builders for which we managed to get 10000 subscribers within 3 months….

Arora logo before after

As you can see before, their logo appearance is generic and it does not look like a real estate brand that you trust by looking at the logo. But the logo we created is looking more trustworthy and that is what matters. You need to have a logo that your audience can feel like they can trust…. 

Do not stock elements in a logo as it creates a bit of a negative impact on the audience, giving your brand an unprofessional vibe. But you can definitely use it for average creatives. But please don’t use stock elements directly on the logo. At least modify and adjust it and that too if you don’t have a budget for a proper branding project to do. It is always best to get a logo done from scratch….

Arora Builders by XAXs real estate logo grid

A logo must have a vector format for its scalability. The primary purpose of the logo is to have an identification system for your brand but it’s good to have something that connects with the audience and something that relates to your brand. As Arora is a construction company we did something that speaks about construction. The logo has a home in it, a key, and an ‘O’. These three are combined to represent the real estate brand.  If it was a brand of something else, suppose a food brand or something then the logo could relate to that. Although it’s not an absolute necessity for doing something like that, it helps with attracting the right customers. You also need to have some variations of the logo so that it goes with different backgrounds, different uses and different aesthetics. It’s not an absolute necessity but once again, it’s really useful and you should consider doing it.

Brand palette

A colour palette is an important part of building a successful brand identity system. It includes the colours you use in your logo but is not limited to that. It is important because colours define the underlying tone of your brand. And with the right tone, you can attract the right audience….

Arora Builders brand palette by XAXs


You need to have a  consistent set of typefaces and font styles across all creatives and other elements related to your brand….

Big Shoulders Text

Brand Identity System

It is a coherent set of brand elements such as posts, stationery, packaging, etc that identifies your brand in the right way. This is more expensive than getting just a logo done, at least for beginners as you might not want to spend on something like this. But you should really consider doing it as soon as you have the budget….

House of THL brand guide

Social Media Setup

Your social media setup needs to be:

  • Be consistent with your branding

  • Be consistent across channels

  • Have recognizable styles

  • Be consistent in topics

Arora Builders Social Media by XAXs

You need to follow these so that people can recognize your brand even if you remove the logo from the post. Your social media channels must have the same theme. People should be able to recognize your brand wherever they see it. Your brand should be recognized by style and it needs to be consistent in topics because if you don’t talk about the same things your audience will stop caring about you. If you try to have everybody as an audience you won’t speak to anyone. As a brand, you need to be consistent about your work and let people know that you are the one they should come to about some certain topic your brand is related to. As you can see in the case of Arora, the posts and setups are similar across all three platforms, and that’s important for the people to recognize you.  If someone follows you on Instagram and suddenly sees a post on Facebook they need to be able to recognize you instantly for them to follow you there also. You should have a presence on more than one social media channel that you can take advantage of their individual perks and broaden your audience….

YouTube Studio

It offers a lot of features. In fact, if you are starting now and don’t know any editing software then you can do some very basic editing on youtube studio itself but ance you grow a little professional it’s better to use proper tools like the Creative Suite, for example, I edit videos on Adobe After Effects…. 

There are three primary features of YouTube studio you need to focus on:

  • End screens

  • Playlists 

  • Cards

Arora Builders YouTube by XAXs

End Screens

End screens are pretty useful because they give you the opportunity to put calls to action. They can prompt your audience to subscribe, to visit another site, and or even to watch another video….


It categorizes your content, reduces the efforts of your audience in finding your videos. Hence, they prompt the user to watch more videos. Making the channel more organized also makes it more attractive. And this combination leads to more subscriptions….


Cards are useful for product placement, website traffic, and interlinking videos. Suppose you have a video and you refer to something that is explained in another video of yours, you can simply link that video inside this video using a card. This will make it easy for the audience to just click and watch the video just leading to more views….

YouTube Posts

You should be using posts on YouTube for the following reasons:

  • Extra real estate 

  • Less competition

  • Business/ product promotion

  • Audience interaction

  • Video promotion

Promotional post design for Arora builders by XAXs

Extra Real Estate

YouTube posts are very useful because they cover extra real estate. People won’t just watch your videos, they will also watch you on the posts. And the more they watch your presence the more attached to you they get….

Less Competition

There is less competition because not everyone who’s making videos is making YouTube posts. If you are competing with 10 people on the video ground, you are competing with 5 people on the post ground. The lesser the competition the more chances of success and why not take advantage of that….

Business/Product Promotion

You can directly promote the business or product in the post. You may say that we can do that in the video as well. Yes, you can do that in the video as well but it’s simpler with the posts as you can just take the picture of the product and paste the link and post…

Audience Interaction

The YouTube posts also have some other ways of interacting options like you can create polls, ask for feedback in better ways than you can do with YouTube videos and you should take advantage of that….

Video  Promotion

You can also directly share your videos in your channel as a post that increases the chance of people clicking on the video than just watching the thumbnail on the home screen. It is because, if you share your video on the post then there is a chance of people watching the same thumbnail twice and that increases the chance of people watching the video….

Other Social Media

Even if your primary purpose is the YouTube channel you need to have a presence on other social media platforms. You need to be active on at least one other social media platform besides YouTube. 


It has three benefits: 

  • It adds to your online voice

  • It further increases the scope of promoting your brand or product or service

  • It’s a backup to your YouTube channel. 

Arora Builders real estate branding themed posts design by XAXs

In the worst-case scenario, if you somehow lose your youtube channel you still have an audience on the other social media to get back your YouTube audience. Even if you lose your YouTube channel, you do not lose your entire audience with it….

For example, in the case of Arora, they don’t have many followers on other platforms which is fine. Because in this case, their primary focus is the YouTube channel. You don’t have to actively promote the other channels as some of your subscribers will themselves move on to other channels and vice versa….

Sponsored  Posts

Sponsoring posts on social media can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Drives more viewers than organic

  • Promotes organic growth

  • An initial push for autopilot

Facebook sponsored post by XAXs

Due to the algorithm even sponsoring posts can increase the views on your videos that are not sponsored as well. Hence this is a good initial push for putting the views on the videos on autopilots. The goal of sponsoring a video is to give it an initial push….

For example, this is how our sponsored Facebook posts for Arora worked. We used a good strategy of using a tiny clip of the entire video on YouTube and then promoted it on Facebook since Facebook has a good audience recognition system. And our ads have worked great on Facebook. Where you should sponsor your posts depends on what your brand is and what kind of audience you have. Just know your audience and know what platform works better for them.

More than 28% of the views on their YouTube came from Facebook which is where we sponsored the posts and that’s the power of sponsored posts. You don’t have to spend a very high amount on these but you should have a minimum budget for sponsorship of your posts. In the case of Arora, we had a monthly ad budget of 5K, and that worked wonders.


Consistency is very important because it teaches the YouTube algorithm to send traffic to your viewers in regular intervals, learning from the intervals of your post and video. It also creates a bond with your viewers because your audience gets habituated with your videos. If you keep posting videos in regular intervals your audience slowly becomes accustomed to watching your new videos on particular days and that habit can work wonders. Moreover, with consistency comes more videos than without consistency. And more videos simply mean more views and more views mean more eyes on your brand and/or product. With all these steps and the consistency for three months, you will finally reach your goal of 10k subscribers….

Just one disclaimer, use the first month for a strategy, for branding and figuring out what you need to do and how you need to do it. Don’t expect results in the first month. Use the first month to plan out and start working on it….


You can follow this on your own or hire interns or have your team build. You can also contact us for help….

Case Study

Arora Builders & Construction deals in the sale & purchase of flat/floor, house and construction of any kind of property in Uttam Nagar, West Delhi, India….

We helped our client Arora builders get 10k subscribers within 3 months. The strategy, process and tips have been summarized in this blog and a handbook….

10k subscribers on YouTube

Agency:                                      XAXs Corps Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director/ Designer:    Aditya Roy [ Xandrieth Xs]

Do you like what you see? Contact us to get your branding or rebranding done….


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