Here’s a lite handbook with simple guides and steps that you can follow to get 10,000 YouTube subscribers on your channel for your brand within 3 months. These are not guessed works, we ourselves followed these to deliver results to our clients….

Get the digital handbook….

Watch it in Action?

If you prefer watching how this product will be helpful, check out the detailed video on our YouTube channel. Continue here otherwise….

Case Study

We helped our client Arora builders get 10k subscribers within 3 months. The strategy, process and tips have been summarized in this handbook…. 😃

10k subscribers on YouTube
Agency:                                      XAXs Corps Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director/ Designer:    Aditya Roy [ Xandrieth Xs]

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Download how to get 10k subs handbook by XAXs

Were they Happy?

“We enjoyed working together to create something so professional, beautiful and seamlessly scalable. Great job. Thanks for it.”

Dilip Mohapatra,
CEO & Founder, Cognitive View & Nexright

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