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House of THL is a global luxury modest fashion brand. It’s one of a kind brand in India, trying to popularise modest fashion in the country across religious boundaries….

The Veldor woman is THL’s vision. Empowerment, education and progress of the female community are at the heart of THL. Creating beautiful clothes for the breathtaking souls that hold the power to change the systems for the better, is what THL lives by….

House of THL mark


The House of THL is targeted towards young educated women who are bold, fearless and love challenges. Someone who is passionate about her work whether she is a professional or a homemaker. Someone carries her own sense of style and is not afraid to flaunt her modesty….
So this is what we made are design and branding decisions based on. And the branding/packing went as follows….
House of THL brand key words

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We always start every branding project with a questionnaire. The next step is creating a mood board based on that. This helps us in further understanding what the client is looking for. Besides that, this also compiles a collection of works we can draw inspiration from….

luxury fashion moodboard

Brand Palette

The primary brand palette has three main components – T Green, H Gold and L White….

The Green and Gold combination will cover most of the creatives and visual identity system. This combination will evoke the feel of luxury. While gold adds passion, dark green will add a modest appeal. This shall extend into the creatives, production and adverts to be in tune with the premium appeal of THL….

The white shall cover the second largest area and mainly the white spaces for a clean high-end look. This primarily includes the background of text bodies, non-creative backgrounds and secondary backgrounds of creatives/web pages….

The lighter and darker variations of the green and gold serve as ascents to the primary palette. These also are the pre-determined goto colours for adding more dimensions to the primary green and gold palette whenever required….

Gold and Silver foils as embossing or debossing shall be an important part of the THL visual and brand identity system. These, especially the gold foil gives a premium and luxurious appeal. These can also be used for drawing attention to CTAs in creatives or user interfaces like website pages or web banners.

The vector gold gradient is a more scalable alternative to the gold and silver foils wherever applicable. This will work better on elements like icons and vector arts.

THL brand palette

Brand Elements

Wherever possible, we create some brand elements. They can be used separately or in combination to express the brand even without the entire logo. The logo is the first place of choice to extract these elements from. In the case of THL, their elaborate logo had a great scope of extracting brand elements from. And we extracted the Veldor, Leaf and Star….

THL brand elements
The veldor symbol
the organic leaf symbol
star symbol meaning

Brand Pattern

Brand patterns are very handy and can be used as design or utility elements depending on the brand, pattern and occasion. In the case of THL, the pattern we designed became an integral part of the packaging and stationery designs….

House of THL brand pattern

Packaging Design

For a luxury fashion brand, the aesthetic and experience of the packaging are just as important as the content itself. To make that user experience great, we included all the possible layers of an unboxing of the fabrics. We designed shopping bags and adhesive tapes in three styles. We also designed e-commerce delivery bags, apparel hang tags, stickers, ribbons, wrapping tissue and an entire luxurious pull-out box….

House of THL tapes
House of THL tissue ribbon and sticker design
House of THL luxury box design
House of THL hang tags design
House of THL e-commerce bag design
House of THL shopping bag design

Stationery Design

With luxurious packaging, it is necessary to have stationery that is in tune with it. We added thank you cards in two styles and envelopes to further improve the user experience of the customers. Furthermore, we designed business cards, letterhead and visitors’ book that goes well with the luxurious appeal of the House of THL….

House of THL thank you cards
House of THL envelope design
House of THL luxury business cards design
House of THL apparel label design
House of THL letter head design
House of THL Visitors book design

The Brand Guide

Our branding projects always come with a brand guide. A brand guide includes all the information and instructions for using and printing the brand identity system and packaging designs. This gives the client a manual to make minor changes or copies without our extensive help. This helps them maximize the potential of our designs….

House of THL brand guide
Agency:                                      XAXs Corps Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director/ Designer:    Aditya Roy [ Xandrieth Xs]

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CEO & Founder, Cognitive View & Nexright

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