Matt Reeve’s DCEU Robert Pattinson starrer The Batman 2021 emblem logo and reboot rebranding discussion …. X.A.Xs Article #03


Irrespective of the divisive reception of Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batman V Superman, we can’t deny his direction, storytelling, attention to details and above all, his sense of aesthetics. Unfortunately, the Snyder-Affleck combo is out of DCEU and is going to be replaced by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson combo. Considering their skills, we have high hopes for the result….

But we are not here to discuss the movies or people associated with them. DC gave a sneak peek of Robert Pattinson’s camera test which showed us the new DCEU Batman emblem/logo and that’s what we shall be discussing….

XAXs 2020 batman dceu logo comparision


To start with, we think the new emblem is great. The Batfleck logo was bold and served its purpose of complementing the muscular war-torn Batman. It resembled a sitting bat with its wing half-open. The new logo, on the other hand, resembles a flying bat in action….

XAXs blog DCEU batman logo comparison bat vector

Negative Space

The Batman 2021 emblem has beautifully used the negative space and we creatives love that. Instead of going a full bat, it has omitted the head and tail representing them through the negative spaces….

XAXs blog The Batman 2021 DCEU logo negative space usage vector

Armour Plates

Yes, they have incorporated armour plates into the logo expressing the emblem as an important part of the suit beyond being just a logo. Matt Reeves seems to be following Christopher Nolan’s path of explaining the utility of the Batsuit and we like that. Let’s see how it unfolds….

XAXs blog armour plates in DCEU Batman 2021 logo vector

The Emblem/Logo

XAXs blog DCEU The Batman 2021 logo vector

Rebranding the emblems is a very important part of any reboot and in case of DCEU The Batman 2021, it has been done nicely so far….

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