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We are all under lockdown and self-quarantine due to the Coronavirus or COVID19 pandemic if you are reading this around the right time. This has given many of us some extra time to spend on ourselves and being a creative agency we decided to spend it wisely….
We present you some alternate logos for some famous brands to go with SARS-CoV2 quarantine….

XAXs Covid19 awareness

1. Corona

Corona beer logo

Let’s  start with the one with a copyright on the name itself, Corona India ….

XAXs Corona quarantine branding

2. LinkedIn

With almost all of us working from home, we guess the professional network is kinda….

XAXs linkedin quarantine

3. Twitter

twitter logo transparent

With the deadly virus out, it almost feels like we are kinda locked in, although people are tweeting more than before now….

XAXs twitter quarantine branding

4. DC Comics

DC Comics logo transparent

Social distancing is pretty much the only immunity we have against SARS-CoV2 and we gotta practise is. DC Comics is no exception….

XAXs DC Comics logo quarantine

5. Tokyo Olympics

Olympics 2020 logo transparent

You probably know that Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been cancelled and postponed to next year. If the Olympics can be postponed, you can postpone your plans too. Maintain social distance….

XAXs Tokyo Olympics quarantine

6. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad logo transparent

No matter how badass you are, you gotta cover your face with a mask to protect yourself from SARS-CoV2 and hence prevent it’s spreading. Suicide Squad would agree….

XAXs Suicide Squad quarantine logo

7. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton logo transparent

No matter how luxurious your life is, you are not safe from SARS-CoV2 unless you maintain social distancing. Even Louis Vuitton agrees….

XAXs Louis Vuitton quarantine logo

8. Cafe Coffee Day

CCD Cafe Coffee Day logo transparent

Like coffee….? Well, you can make that at home as well…. Stay home, stay safe….

XAXs CCD quarantine logo

9. KFC

KFC logo transparent

Be like Colonel Sanders. Use a mask and maintain social distance….

XAXs KFC quarantine logo

10. Pringles

Pringles logo transparent

Be like Julius Pringle. Use a mask and maintain social distance….

XAXs Pringles quarantine logo

11. Facebook

facebook 2020 logo transparent

Let’s not forget the second most important thing during this pandemic. The first being Facebook we guess….

XAXs Facebook 2020 quarantine logo

12.  ZARA

zara logo transparent

It seems ZARA took the wrong direction while going through the last rebranding getting their wordmark with negative kerning. Well ZARA, if you do wanna change that, we can help….

XAXs Zara quarantine logo

Covid19 Resources

Jokes apart, here are some resources on COVID19 to help you win this pandemic. Remember, we are together in this. Stay home, stay safe….

XAXs Covid 19 basic facts
Covid19 free handbook and poster download

Yes, we don’t just make alternative brandings for popular brands, we do design original professional brand identity systems as well. Contact us to get your branding or rebranding done….

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